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Playing and responsible gambling

When you play gambling games it is intended to be fun, you should not look at gambling as a way of making money. Getting in to debt or financial problems through gambling is a serious problem. You should never get in to these situations and if you find yourself in one you may have a serious gambling addiction. When gambling online you are in control of your money and therefore you should look after it responsibly.

Here are a few responsible gambling tips.

1. Set a budget and stick to it.
Only bet if you can afford it and set yourself a limit. Before you start playing you should allocate yourself a budget and loss limit and then never go over them.

2. Never play under the influence of alcohol.
Alcohol can influence your decisions in a big way so stay away from the real money games if you have been drinking as this could lead to trouble.

3. Don’t gamble if you are stressed or depressed.
If you are feeling down gambling is not the answer. If you end up loosing money due to been stressed or depressed this could lead to even further problems.

4. Have a break every now and again.
Taking a few breaks when playing online will help you relax and think about how you have previously been playing. It will also give you time to evaluate your financial situation.

5: Never chase your loses.
If you have lost some money and gone past your pre-allowed budget then its time to stop gambling and call it a day, chasing your loses could end up in you losing even more.

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