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Some interesting Blackjack rule variations

Blackjack is a popular casino card game and can be found in almost all the online and casinos and even in the live casino buildings. The game is not a very difficult one to play but you need to have lots of patience and skill if you want to master it. The game had its origin in France and was originally known as ‘twenty-one’. Though small changes has been made in the way the game is played in the modern times, the basic rules of the games has mostly been left untouched.

One of the basic blackjack rules that is found in a game of traditional blackjack is that the dealer has to ‘stand’ if the value of the cards in his hand goes beyond 17. It is only when the value of the cards is below 16 that the dealer can take a card. In most of the blackjack games this rule can be found, thus often it is not seen as a variation.

One of the betting options is ‘doubling’. It is preferred by many players because it can prove to be very profitable. However, there are many casinos, both land based and online, which does not offer the players the option of doubling, while there are some casinos where the players are given the option but only on the first couple of cards. When doubling, the players double their betting amount; the players can also bet an amount which is lesser than the original bet. There are certain casinos also which allow the players to double if their cards have a particular value, like 9-11.

‘Doubling after split’ is an uncommon variation which can be found in very few casinos. Here, the players can double their bets even after they have split their hands. This kind of a move can increase the player’s edge by almost 0.14%. In some high roller casinos the players can go on splitting as long as the initial hand has pairs.

Surrender is another option which many players crave for in a game of blackjack. But this is an uncommon rule and many casinos do not allow it. In cases where it is allowed, it can be of two types – late surrender or early surrender. Since early surrender gives the players to exit the game without losing much, it is rarely found in the high roller casinos online.

Insurance is a rule which players can find in most of the casinos. In this, the dealer can offer insurance and the players can place an insurance bet with half of their original amount. If the dealer has a blackjack, the players will be paid at 2:1 payout.