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Beginners Guide to Baccarat

If you want to try out some fun and exciting casino game, then baccarat is a good choice. Though baccarat is found in many casinos, many people avoid playing it. It is so because baccarat has an air of exclusivity; it is considered as the game of the high rollers and the wealthy because of which it can intimidate many people. But in actuality, the baccarat game itself is a simple and fun game with easy rules. With the coming of the online casinos, more and more people are slowly beginning to play baccarat.

In baccarat the main objective is to get a hand whose value will be 9 or as close to it as possible. The value of a hand in baccarat can be found out by adding all the values and dividing it by 10. In this game the cards ranging from 2 till 9 are worth their numerical values. The card with 10 and the different face cards like queen, king and joker have a value of zero while ace has a value of 1. While playing baccarat a hand can consist of only 2 to 3 cards.

The player is first dealt a face down card by the banker; the banker also deals a face down card to himself. Following this one more card is dealt to the player and himself. Whether a third card will be dealt or not will depend on the values of the hands. Incase the hand value of the player is less than 5; he is allowed to draw another card. On the other hand if the player’s or the banker’s hand value is 8 or 9 in the first chance, then no more additional cards are drawn. This kind of a situation is known as ‘natural’.

There can be three types of bets in a game of baccarat – the player, the banker and the tie. ‘Banker’ refers to a situation where the person who deals wins and the payout is 1:1. However, you should remember that most casinos deduct 5% as ‘house commission’. Similarly, ‘player’ refers to a situation where the player is able to defeat the dealer. A ‘tie’ happens when both the player and the banker have the same hand value. The payouts are huge but the chances of a tie happening is very low.

Though baccarat is considered a game of luck, do play carefully and wisely. Be familiar with the different rules and strategies before you start investing your money.