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A glamorous game, baccarat is mostly enjoyed by the rich and wealthy of the society and can be found in most of the casinos, both online and in the land based casinos. The game can trace its roots back to hundreds of years ago in Europe. Though there are conflicting theories about the origin of the game, according to the most common theory, it was invented by an Italian gambler. There are several variations of the game in the casinos.

Punto Banco is one of the most common form of the game which is also commonly known as the North American version of baccarat. The name punto banco was given to the game when it reached the shores of Cuba. Here “punto” is for the player and “banco” is the banker and the bets have to be placed either on the player or on the banker. Another bet which can be placed is the tie bet which is known as ‘egalatie’.

Another popular version of the game is Mini baccarat. As the name suggests, it is a much smaller version of the classic baccarat game. It involves lesser number of players and the betting limit is also lower than the regular games. Because of the small scale of the game, it involves only one dealer and the pace is faster than regular games. The general atmosphere of the game is a relaxed and informal one and unlike the other baccarat games, the role of the banker is always played by the dealer.

French baccarat is known as “chemin de fer”. In the French version though the basic rules remain same but here the player who plays as the banker loses the bet. After this the next player takes up his or her role and this way each of the players get a chance pose as the banker. Apart from chemin de fer, another French version of the game is baccarat en banque and in this the role of the banker is played by the casino itself. All the players are have two hands each and the bettors have to opt for one of the hands on which to bet. Betting for the banker hand is not allowed in this version.

A less common version of the game is private baccarat in which the players have the option of either playing with only one hand or with two hands. When the player plays with both hands, the version is called “cheval” and to win the player has to win both hands.